in Iceland

Iceland is known for many things and its larger-than-life landscape is definitely one of them. The wide array of breathtaking and unbelievable sights you get to see here are far beyond your wildest imagination. It’s been known to be the experience of a lifetime when you visit Iceland. A dream destination if you will. Iceland, which is an Island located North of the Icelandic ocean is a magical contradiction all by itself. As known popularly for being the Land of “Fire and Ice” Iceland lives up to its name with its active Volcanic Eruptions and its equally beautiful rock-hard Glaciers. From the geysers that sprout gushes of boiling hot water, to the skies that grace us with the crystal white snow. It really is something amazing and I would suggest you have to see it for yourself. 

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Whether we’re talking about couples, friends, families, or models, there’s always a perfect scene to bring out the stunning nature of every photo. That includes the secret ones. The hidden gems that you never hear about or may have just overlooked. Their raw, less untouched beauty can be discovered if you’re willing to come with me. We will embark on a journey of capturing your unforgettable memories. As a photographer, it is my job to know where to go to seize the most breathtaking images that make you smile every time you look at them. 

It’s one thing to bear witness to all its wonder with your own two eyes but it’s another thing to capture it forever. Iceland is a popular destination for solo travelers and couples alike and there is a long list of reasons for that. So just to name a few: Besides being one of the best places to get married, it’s been known to be where some of the most popular films and photography have been captured. I’ve been told on countless occasions that the nature in Iceland almost seems unreal. So much so that there are some things that you just can’t help but want to keep with you forever. It’s a good thing that capturing the moment is one way to do just that. This is why couple photoshoots are so popular here. There’s no shortage of awe-inspiring scenery that would bring out the utmost beauty in whatever images you get to take home with you. There’s also no shortage of love. So why not combine the two to make for a beautiful masterpiece of images that your friends and family will admire and rave about? Not to mention the postcards and photo albums that speak louder than words can express. 

I believe that’s what your photos should do! They should make you feel and relive the moment that you and your loved ones will never forget. So I am passionate about discovering the best locations that can do just that and much more. With my years of experience, I am confident that not only will you love the images you leave with but the experience will be one that you will most definitely enjoy. From the beautifully planned shots to the candids you never thought you needed, your wonderful memories are sure to be captured with me.