Secret Proposal / Engagement

Secret proposal and engagement photographer in Iceland

I will help you plan and coordinate on this special day, so your proposal will remain a breathtaking surprise. I will help you choose a perfect location, and will be there for you to capture this romantic moment as a photographer.
Just reach out to me via email or social media and we will make it happen!

This will be a day to remember!

Will you marry me?*

*not me obviously 🙂

I, your local Iceland photographer and soon to be friend, will do my best to make your dream come true and provide all the support you need, so these magical moments will never fade away.

It’s an amazing opportunity to capture such a romantic, intimate moment in a natural, candid and engaging way.

I am very flexible and open to all your wishes and ideas.

If you are considering asking your partner to marry you, I am always happy to help you in every step of your preparations, advise locations for the best photographs.
I’m also open to ideas and suggestions for places to shoot and create a set of images that displays the magic, warmth, and depth of your future commitment to one another in a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Have you just officially engaged and you are after some beautiful portraits of you two in dramatic Icelandic landscapes?

Or, are you secretly planning to propose to your loved one and want your photographer to capture the moment?

It doesn’t matter if it’s the ultimate surprise proposal in Iceland that neither of you will ever forget, or you are celebrating the magic of this special pre-wedding time, I am here  to commemorate the beginning of your lifelong journey together and tell your love story through images.

Iceland is one of a kind – magical, spectacular, and breathtaking. No wonder why people travel here for special occasions like engagements and surprise proposals. This country is one of the top romantic destinations in the world, making it the perfect background for secret proposal.

I draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings Iceland provides.

It is indeed the perfect backdrop for your romantic and intimate photo session, whether it is supposed to be a secret proposal or engagement photoshoot.