Iceland Elopement Photographer

Wedding and elopement photography by a local photographer based in Iceland.

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I cover all weddings and elopements in all parts of Iceland. I deliver final images within 10 – 14 working days. I will edit and send you all the good photographs!

An adventure elopement is a unique experience in the great outdoors. When you work with me as your photographer, I will help you plan your special day in Iceland. In many cases, an elopement event consists of the couple and the photographer. Some elopement ceremonies feature the couples’ closest family or best friends. Every moment captured tells a different story, every picture contains different feelings. On an elopement day, all is about catching unique and intimate moments of a couple celebrating their love and union, it’s about family, friends, and emotions. If it is captured perfectly, it can bring joy to your life for years to come, so finding an ideal elopement photographer who specializes in capturing emotional and real moments on their most significant day in the stunning Icelandic landscapes is the key.

An intimate elopement photoshoot is a very important part of the wedding day in Iceland. Shots taken by your photographer are especially crucial for elopements because it allows you to share the memories with friends and family who could not be there. My photography centers around catching the unfathomable moments that one experiences throughout the wedding. I have a thing for capturing people as they lose themselves in Icelandic nature, in love, adventure, being with each other. Your elopement day should be just about you and what you love to do together. I genuinely trust that you will give me a chance to capture your amazing romantic tale among the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. This is all about you two, so focus on yourself and your loved ones, enjoy every little detail and live every moment, celebrate your love and dreams while I capture them for you to cherish forever. Together with me, your elopement photographer, it’s possible to create and capture those once-of-a-lifetime memories and emotions from your Icelandic adventure, so you can look back at it and relive those special moments again.

Joining hands with nature.

Iceland is spectacular in many, many ways. Icelandic nature is unique with its vast landscape, colorful geothermal areas, intense volcanic activity, astonishing waterfalls, breathtaking glacier lagoons, black and yellow sand beaches, and magnificent mountain ridges. It is one of the few places on Earth with the most stunning and marvelous locations found in nature, which offers great opportunities for elopement photographer. When you join hands with nature, something even more splendid and breathtaking emerges. As your wedding takes place in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, why not take advantage of the beautiful views and fairytale-like surroundings to create something magnificent? My job, as your elopement photographer, is to capture these amazing experiences on my pictures for you to cherish for years to come.

Iceland Elopement Packages.

You can choose one of the packages below or check out my price list.


from 1800 $, locations within 150 km from Reykjavik,

5 hours of photo coverage + travel

  • ceremony
  • shots in 4 – 5 locations

plenty of awesome images


from 3000 $, locations within 250 km from Reykjavik

8 hours of photo coverage + travel:

  • preparations
  • ceremony
  • shoots in 5 – 6 locations
  • reception until 10 pm

plenty of awesome images​,  

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