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Epic Elopement in Iceland

Photography and Planning by a Local! I will help you plan your special day in Iceland and capture all the important moments. I am your guide, local expert on everything Iceland, planner, photographer, but most importantly your friend.

I have seen it all. Just kidding. But I have photographed and helped organising dozens of elopements in Iceland. So I can say with certainty I know the industry inside out. Now it’s time to add my personal spin on your own experience.I want to help you while providing you with the best service and experience possible. 

I can’t help it, I have a thing for Iceland and I want to share it with others. So just join me in this excitement.

I promise I will not only become your friend in Iceland but I will also help you have an epic beginning of your future life with your chosen one in this dreamy island. 

Despite my Slavic roots you’re going to elope the Viking way with me. It will be fun, relaxed and cool. Ginger beard and rough sense of humor included!

This time I am teaming up with my wife to bring all our knowledge and experience for your benefit. We will both help you to plan the most amazing day (or two) ever.

My name is Leszek. I am a proper nerd with ADHD, which means I will use my super charged brain for putting together the most wonderful elopement you can imagine.

I work with my wife Anna Maria – also a nerd, but less. Her organizational skills and attention to details can sometimes be annoying at home, but believe me, these skills will be used for your benefit. When it comes to planning, beautiful little props and perfect optimization, there’s no one like her. 

Together – imagination and organization – we are a dream team. 

Let me share our story with you. We have been together for 20 years and created two beautiful human beings – our daily inspiration/distraction. But most importantly, we accidentally eloped for our wedding! We just took the opportunity after omitting that huge task by simply not getting married for years.Yes, of course we wanted to marry each other but the whole thing seemed really stressful and overwhelming to us – all those wedding plans, picking best venue, shopping for perfect gown, guest list, who should sit next to whom, how much will it cost… Then, one sunny summer day we were attending our friend’s wedding in Iceland and it hit us. To be precise, it hit my wife-to-be. What if we just got married here and now? 

And so we did, right after our friends’ ceremony, same officiant, same place. We’ve just switched spots with the bride and the groom who for a moment became our maid of honor and best man. We were in a beautiful, secluded place with a couple of friends and our kids. We had imperfect but comfy clothes. It was unexpected, short, fun, touching and completely stress-free. Pure joy. This experience has changed our idea of the wedding. The answer was always so simple but it never occurred to us until then. Now we know how extremely important it is to do it your way. How bonding and freeing can it be. And what a beautiful journey may it become.


We want you to experience similar joy and freedom.

It should be just your day, one that you will remember years later with the same smile on your faces. That’s why we want to share our experience with you together with our never ending love for Iceland. This is going to be a tailor-made elopement. You set the rules and you are going to love it! We know the most beautiful places away from tourist attractions (unless you want to visit them – it’s also possible). We know great masters of ceremonies, florists, make-up and hair stylists, but we don’t insist on using all the services – your hair might as well be brushed by the wind and your make-up simply done by the cool Icelandic air. We can plan everything, from A to Z or be led by your ideas.

Above all, we offer you a beautiful souvenir in the form of memories captured in photos. Leszek has an eye for the most precious moments so that you can keep them forever. Moreover, we do not offer packages based on the number of photos. You will get them all. After removing any duplicates or blurred frames, all photos will be processed and delivered to you in an electronic version – hundreds of wonderful pictures commemorating the greatest Icelandic elopement in the world: YOUR OWN.

All the good photos – isn’t that too many, you ask? Well, as a photographer, I have noticed that the shots that I consider the best are not always the ones that people like the most. In my opinion my models look simply amazing, while they may prefer their left profile to the right, or when the light reflects differently from the eyes. Some shots are also more intimate and personal while others are more appropriate choice to show to extended family. I don’t want to decide for you, all pictures are yours. 

We know better than anyone that planning itself is the most stressful part – after all, that’s why we got married abroad completely spontaneously! This is why we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

But be careful, you may fall in love with Icelandic landscapes and you might want to stay here forever. Eloping in Iceland is not about a big party, lavish decorations, traditions and “making my aunt’s cousin’s grandma happy”.

That day should and will be just about love that connects you. 

The amazing landscapes of Iceland could replace even the most magnificent venue.

Your elopement in Iceland will become an unforgettable adventure, because our job is to make your dreams come true.

We want you to be able to celebrate your love. No stress, just you and what you have in common. If you want to take oaths in the company of your loved ones, take them with you. If not – don’t worry and come yourself. It’s your day. Play by your own rules. And we’ll make sure nothing gets in your way.