How to prepare for a photoshoot in Iceland?

How to prepare for a photoshoot in Iceland?

Being an adventure photographer in Iceland, I have the opportunity to visit and encounter every nook and corner of the island and experience its erratic weather. Sometimes, the winds are so high that the waterfalls go upwards 😉

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I often get questions from my clients about the appropriate planning of a photo shoot like, what are the important things they need to carry with them and how to dress to make their photo shoot experience memorable?

Having years of exposure to Icelandic elements I will give you a few tips on how to prepare yourself for a photo shoot in Iceland.

Weather – is unpredictable. It could be cold, windy, and rainy in one location, at the same time nice and warm in the next one:) So, the answer is layers and waterproof overlays.

If you are dressed in a wedding dress and a suit: remember to take extra clothes to wear over. In winter, wear something warm under your dress, and have a gloves and a coat ready.

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Shoes – wear comfortable hiking shoes. The fancy ones you can have in a backpack. The best locations require usually a short walk.

Food, water & some hot beverages – The Island may be quite small but towns are far away from each other. You might not get a grocery store to buy any food and drinks when you’re hungry. Hiking, posing, getting wet, cold, and tired will make you hungry. Bring anything from wraps to energy bars, nuts, and chocolate… or just anything you like, really 😉 Sometimes in order to get the best shots, you will get really cold, so hot drinks like tea, coffee might cheer you up 🙂

Other Essentials – spikes for shoes. I do provide them in winter for a couple. If there is a bigger party you should buy those at petrol stations or Bonus. Believe me, those are lifesavers.

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Prepare yourselves enough – Be prepared to foresee the unforeseen. You may be shocked how awesome shots we’re going to get in bad weather!

Stay positive – No matter whether it’s freezing, raining or the sun is high, stay positive! Almost every session, location, and weather conditions can be adapted with a little innovation to our advantage.

And the last advice…

… please… Don’t wear black 🙂 It really gets blended with the landscape. Best colors are bright and cheerful 🙂

See you in Iceland

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