Couple Photo shoot Reykjanes, Iceland

I took Ngoc and Felix on a drive along Reykjanes peninsula for their engagement photo shoot. They already got engaged just a few days ago, but wanted to shoot something to memorize the moment.
Reykjanes is a perfect location for any kind of photos. Close to Reykjavik, wild and spectacular.
Anything from geothermal spots to huge roaring waves hitting high cliffs, lighthouses and Blue Lagoon (there is a huge walking area outside where you can shoot).
We started on the road leading to Krysuvik. This was the first sunny day after many stormy ones. The moment we got out of Reykjavik we were ready to shoot! Beautiful empty road, lava fields covered in moss glistening in the rising sun. Awesome!

We kept going on one of the most majestic roads in Iceland, leading along the lake Kleifarvatn to Krysuvik, stopping for shoots along the way.

Leaving geothermal area behind us now we were traveling along the coast with waves crashing in the distance to my favorite place: Brimmketil.
Here you have a metal platform where you can get really wet.
Waves splashing behind you is a very nice background for nice shots!

Next stop Gunnuhver, a very active geothermal region with tons of steam spat out in the air. Few nice shots here with a lighthouse in the distance and we are off for the last point.
Big cliffs at the end of the Reyjkanes peninsula.

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Leszek Nowakowski
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